Sat-Sun July 15 - 16   at Sol Blatt Natatorium at USC
On Wheat Street between Pickens & Sumter

***************(schedule is tentative pending registration results)***************

SATURDAY                                                                                               SUNDAY

MORNING SESSION 9:00 AM                                                                                                    MORNING SESSION 9:00 AM

****Warm ups 8:00 AM                                                                                               ****Warm ups 8:00 AM

AGE GROUPS                                                                                                                              AGE GROUPS

6 & under/8 & under                                                                                                     9 & 10 yr.

AFTERNOON SESSION 3:00 PM                                                                                                 AFTERNOON SESSION 3:00 PM

****Warm ups 2:00 PM                                                                                                 ****Warm ups 2:00 PM

AGE GROUPS                                                                                                                               AGE GROUPS

11 & 12 yr.                                                                                                                    13 yr. & over


At City Meet, swimmers from all of the teams that make up Columbia Swim League compete on an individual and team basis. The season's winning team from each of the four divisions in the League are recognized. The City Meet champion team is determined from the outcome of the individual and relay competitions at City Meet. This year City Meet will be/ held at the Blatt Natatorium at USC (Wheat St. between Pickens and Sumter St.). The Blatt Natatorium is .a 10,-lane 50 meter indoor pool with a sliding bridge that converts the pool into two sections, allowing for short course events and a warm down pool. The lanes DO have starting blocks, however the swimmers do not have to use the blocks if they are not comfortable on them. The spectator section is upper level stadium seating. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck. Your child will remain on the pool deck with the team during their session. You can send your child in with drinks (plastic•containers ONLY) & no'eating is allowed on the pool deck. There will be a concession stand open for spectators, or you can bring your own food and beverages (NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR SMOKING ALLOWED IN THE POOL FACILITY.)

City Meet, like all other swim meets, depends on parents volunteering their time. Typically, the people fulfilling the teams responsibilities at City Meet are parents of swimmers registered for City Meet. Volunteering may get you on the pool deck and volunteer slots are first come first served.

Last but not least, City Meet is fun. I love to compare it to a rock concert but in the water. It really is that much fun. Swimmers get to meet new friends and many swimmers get to see old friends. It is coming together of swimmers and parents like no other sport. City Meet swimmers will get a special swim cap as well, letting everyone know you went to City Meet.

   City Meet Entry Form                         Deadline Friday,   June 23rd

  Swimmers Name: ______________________________________  Age as of 6/1:______________   

   Swimmers must have participated in a
minimum of two regular season swim meets.

  Please check off the individual events the swimmer is entering. Select a maximum of three (3) stroke events from among fly, back, breast,    and freestyle. In additional to the three stroke events check IM if the swimmer is entering the Individual Medley event. The swimmer may    also swim one or two relay events, at the coaches' discretion. Submit this form even if the swimmer is entering only relays. Parents please    complete what session you will be available to volunteer.

   Total fee $25.00 (6 & under $15.00)

Butterfly ____________     




   IM _________________ Freestyle Relay___________________  Medley Relay______________

  Parent Volunteer:

  Name:________________________________ Session:_______________________________  

   Parent Volunteer:

  Name: ________________________________Session:  ______________________________

  Please write a check for the fee payable to "Edenwood Swim Team" and give the entry form to one of the coaches

  Note these fees go directly to the league for renting the facility and awarding scholarships. Alternatively, you can mail the    check and form to:

     Joey Driskell

607 North Eden Drive,

Cayce SC 29033