In order to have an organized, fun, and successful season, our team depends on the time and energy of parent volunteers.  It takes a minimum of 25 parents from the home team to run an efficient meet and about half that for an away meet.  Because we are a smaller team this year, we will need EACH family to sign up for a minimum of THREE meets.  If you do not know how to do a position, we will be happy to show you.  If you don’t sign up tonight, we will be happy to fill you in as needed.  If we all share the workload, everyone has a good time.


We are in DESPERATE need of stroke and turn judges.  If you are interested in being a stroke and turn judge, please ask Joey or Brooke for the information regarding required training classes.  Our team is in great need of parents to fulfill these positions.  Without these judges, we CANNOT host meets.


Team Rep- Joey Driskell- 803-269-5934 /

Co-Team Rep- Gina Fore – 803-727-9900 /

Head Coach- Brooke Morton – 321-704-4705 /

Please feel free to speak to any of us privately about any concerns or suggestions.  We have always maintained a high level of morale and we would love to keep it this way.


Practice suit, cap, goggles, and team suit.  Should you decide not to purchase the team suit, please ask what is acceptable for meets.  Swim fins, buoys, and hand paddles are optional.


“A” Meets are scored meets and on Thursday

“B” Meets are not judged but will be timed and on Mondays.  These are more of a practice meet and an opportunity to swim events the swimmer doesn’t usually swim in “A” meets.  There will ONLY be Individual Medley relays.


Meets can be cancelled for safety reasons.  This rarely occurs before start time of a meet due to weather in the summer evenings being unpredictable.   The host referee makes the decision to delay or cancel.  We will post on Facebook and text as soon as we know.  So, unless you receive word from Coach EVERYONE needs to show up on time and ready to swim.


You will notice your child eating a lot more.  Swimmers do consume more calories than regular folks.  After away meets we sometimes eat at a local restaurant as a team.  After home meets (at Edenwood), we eat at the pool (pizza of Chick-Fil-A) and have “family swim.”  It is NOT required for your family to eat with the team, it’s just fun.


These are usually awarded on FUN FRIDAYS from 8-915am.  If you don’t attend the Friday morning swim you can ask for them at the next practice you attend.  Joey and Brooke will have them.


This is the final meet for the summer.  It is the biggest and best Columbia Swim League has to offer.  It’s the excitement of a “rock concert” only for swimmers.  It is held at the University of South Carolina and it gives the swimmers the opportunity to swim in a collegiate setting.  City meet forms are due No Later Than Friday, JUNE 23rd.  I have the forms today if you would like to sign you child(ren) up for City Meet.  This is earlier this year than ever because the CSL city meet has continued to grow and requires increased logistical requirements.


Yes.  We all know this is the worst part of kid’s sports teams.

We are asking each family to donate 12 pack of soda, case of water, and non-melty snack once for the season.  Examples: Airheads, Ring Pops, Skittles, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Chips, Goldfish, etc..  Please stay away from melty or squishy items.  We will run a canteen and funds will be put towards additional equipment like kick boards, buoys, stopwatches, ink for the printer, etc… Also during home meets we provide bottled water to the timers and staff.  We go through LOTS of water.  Please get the items to Gina Fore so she can check you off the list.  You can also contact her via e-mail or phone.


There will be four practice groups: Gold, Silver, Blue, and Guppies.

During May 8-12, we encourage all swimmers to make to as many practices as possible.  We will be conducting assessments of swimmers in order to place swimmers in appropriate groups.  These groups will allow the coaches the ability to train swimmers at their level more effectively.

Practices from May 8 – May 31 will be held Monday through Thursday

Blue/Guppies: 5:30-6:30pm

Gold/Silver:  6:30-7:30pm

Practices from June 1 to July 6 will be held Monday through Thursday

Gold/Silver: 7:00-8:15am

Blue/Guppies: 8:30-9:20am

FUN FRIDAYS for all groups from June 1 to July 7 is from 8-9am

Practices from July 10 to July 14 will be held Monday through Friday for City Meet swimmers ONLY from 7:30-9:20am

Your swimmer is not REQUIRED to attend a certain number of practices BUT if they don’t swim at practice the coaches can’t determine what events to put them in for meets.

There will be no PRACTICE on May 29, July 3, or July 4.


*You cannot leave your children unattended

*Sign the clip board stating you are watching them the entire time they are in the kiddie pool during practice times.



NEVER, NEVER wash suits in machine.  Rinse in cool water after EVERY wear.  AIR DRY.  These suits will last years with proper care.


Dry cap and keep in Ziplock bag with talc (baby) powder

EAR CARE (If needed)

Put 4-5 drops of swimmer ear drops in each night to help dry out the ear.  To make the homemade solution use equal parts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar.